The Tips and Tricks From Fishing Charters In Navarre Beach!

Hi everyone and thank you for tuning it to our very first blog post! We have a very special guest writer to start us of. We have the crew from Fishing Charters Navarre out of Navarre Beach Florida here to show us what is working for them this week on their local Fishing Charters. According to the Captains of the Fishing Charters Navarre the fishing has been great all week. The inshore fishing charters have consisted of a lot of redifsh, black drum, and white trout. These fish are great eating and are an absolute blast on the light tackle. The techniques they are using are drift fishing deep water rocks. The bait of choice has been cut bait and squid. Any type of bait fish works as long as it is fresh. The nearshore fishing charters in Navarre Beach have been great as well! We are seeing a ton of action in the clear waters of Navarre Beach. Bluefish, Mackerel, and redfish have been a common catch in the beautiful water of the Gulf Of Mexico. The deep sea fishing charters have been great as well. The snappers have been biting real well. Vermilion and Red Snappers have been biting really well. These fish are being caught on squid and cut bait as well. The vermilion snappers are a little smaller than red snapper but are great table fare and are fun on a light tackle rod and reel!

We had a chance to sit down with a captain from fishing charters Navarre and when asked what his favorite fishing was he told us he loved the deep sea fishing charters in Navarre. “These fishing charters are fun” he said “because you never really know what is gunna be there. The large amberjacks are always fun and some really big sharks are there as well! It’s crazy to be reeling in a red snapper and then all the sudden a huge shark comes up there and grabs it off your line before you can reel it up!” He also mentioned his love for the great deep sea fishing is from how beautiful the waters are in Navarre Florida. “The fishing is incredible” he says, “no matter what there is always some kind of sport fish to catch! We also have tarpon that migrate here yearly and catching those fish are always some fun!”

Some of the funnest fish to catch are; sharks, cobia, mahi mahi, king mackerel, red snapper, grouper, and many more! I advise making a trip down to Navarre and getting your fix of some Deep Sea fishing in Navarre Beach. Don’t forget to do an inshore fishing charter in Navarre as well. It is a great time and some great family time! Quality family time is something we cherish here in Navarre Beach Fishing Charters. If you are looking for the best fishing charter in Navarre Beach be sure to contact Fishing Charters Navarre