When to Hold Them and When to Fold Them

I wanna talk about something that isn’t talked about very often and that is knowing when not to go fishing. Mother nature can show her nasty scowl at any given moment when out on the water. Sometimes we see a great forecast, wake up and see that it is not as great as predicted and we are so ready to go we ignore all the signs and proceed carelessly. This is a huge mistake that I guarantee has cost many a fisherman their lives. One thing to always be sure of is to not get greedy out there. Take the days you get but when it is a bad day count your losses and head back to the house. It really is not worth getting upset about not being able to go when if in that situation you would be happy to just survive! Another thing that most fisherman do not think about is if the wind is not blowing at the time does not mean that it is not bad conditions. A lot of variables come in to play when it comes to predicting the weather. Incoming low pressure systems can cause a swell on the larger bodies of water. You may see a forecast of 5 mile per hour winds but see a 3 foot sea. This is because the low pressure system is stirring up the swell. They may be eight seconds apart which is definitely a fish able trip but it is something I would like everyone to be aware of. Also another thing you must consider when going offshore for the day is what is coming that afternoon. If you plan on staying all day realize that you must be look at the night report as well to see if the weather will deteriorate through out the day. I know this is not a type of writing about tips and tricks but I really hope it can save someones life. It really is crucial to be as careful with the weather as you are in other procedures while fishing.

Thanks for reading and God Bless- Rose Gardner